Aloha from Hawaii! I’m here in Honolulu for work; in fact, for the next six months I’ll be spending half of my time on this Pacific island. While here I’ll be working a lot, but I also plan on exploring a bit. I’ve been to Hawaii many times, so I’ve done all the typical tourist things but given I’m here for an extended period I want to explore beyond the typical. That means seeking out new and interesting things that the usual tourist wouldn’t see. It also means seeking poetry and writing in a new place. I have no idea what the Honolulu poetry scene is like but I intend to find out.

I’ve only just begun exploring, but here are a few pictures from my first few days in Hawaii.

Pink plumeria, outside my office


Early morning surfer


the clouds “ruined” this picture


And lest you think this post is only about Hawaii and not about poetry, here’s a new video of me performing my poem, Sometimes, at LaTiDo DC last month.