Last Monday I performed with LaTiDo – my second poetry reading with them this year. (Read all about the first one here.) Once again it was an amazing night of singing and poetry. And drag queens. Yes, you read that right, this time LaTiDo had drag queens perform. Let me tell you, I love drag queens. What’s not to love?! Make-up, big hair, big heels, and big personalities.

That night held more surprises though. Congresswoman Maxine Waters was there and took the mic to share a few words!


After the show ended the drag queens were kind enough to pose for a picture with me.

Just a girl and her chapbook and drag queens!


But that’s not all — I’ve also got three new poems in Queen of Cups, read them here! I’m very excited to have my poems featured here but I’m also sad that Queen of Cups is ending, I’ve enjoyed getting it delivered to my inbox each week and discovering new poems and poets this way.