All in the Family – (published by Bottlecap Press) A chapbook of poems that delves into the nuances of family relationships: the good, bad, and truly ugly. Order yours today ($10 if you’re local, $12 if I have to mail it) by clicking here.


Siamese Sister – A chapbook of poems focused on my sister and my relationship with her. Order yours today ($10 if you’re local, $12 if I have to mail it) by clicking here.

Siamese Sisters Cover (2)

The Dandelion Review – I Should Have Said, How Hard is it to Write a Love Poem?, I Haven’t Bled, It’s Midnight

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Vending Machine Press – How to Survive Heartbreak, Autobiography of Eve, Smash, Sometimes, Guns & Bullets, Stars

Queen of Cups – Absence in Five Parts, Bucket Heart, Self-Portrait as a Thunderstorm

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Thank You For SwallowingPromotion, Alternative Names for Woman, A Conversation With Marie Antoinette

Medical Literary Messenger – Stitches

Noble / Gas Quarterly – As I Contemplate My Second DivorceToast

Picaroon Poetry – The Next Morning, If There Was No Sixteen

Rising Phoenix Review24 Love Letters, To the Man Who Shouted “What does your pussy taste like?” As I Ran By

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Quail Bell Magazine24 Love Letters, The First Post-Marriage Fuck, Unsolicited Advice to My Younger Self, Magic

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