A couple of weeks ago I received the following email:


I happened to be with my best friend, Virginia, at the time and I nearly tackled her with a hug in my excitement. Earlier in the day we’d been decorating (and drinking wine) as she tried to get me into the holiday spirit. Needless to say, that email was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for.

Virginia & I getting festive…or maybe just drunk…


I’m really excited to be publishing with Flutter Press and my chapbook should come out in early 2018. It’s titled The Violence Within and it’s a collection of poems about violence toward women – by partners, by family and friends, by society, and also the violence we inflict upon ourselves. It isn’t always the easiest collection of poems to read but I do feel it’s a very necessary collection. And while it’s a bit of a heavy read I also think there’s some hope in it too.

In addition to my second chapbook getting accepted I’ve got a new poem up at Dirty Paws Poetry Review. I’m really excited my poem, We Carry, is included in their inaugural issue!  Go check it out!