On January 21st I marched in the Women’s March on DC. It was a day of hope and empowerment and amazing signs.


For the first time since election night I felt something other than despair. I felt like the world wasn’t ending and maybe the country would pull together and we’d survive. Of course, months later that despair has returned and every day is a new horror show with what the President has done or said or threatened to do. It’s been difficult but there’s always something I turn to: poetry.

Poetry keeps me going in times of darkness. Poetry gives me hope and faith and a renewed sense of purpose. And so I’m very excited that my poem, Promotion, is included in the Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse. You can buy your very own copy and you should, this anthology will be filled with much needed poems. Poems to keep you going in times of darkness.

(Note, my poem Promotion was originally published by Thank You For Swallowing: Fuck 2016.)