A few months ago I posted about a poetry project I was going to be involved in, a project that combined poetry and artwork. Twenty-five local poets wrote identity poems, however they decided to define “identity”, and Sughra Hussainy, an Afghan artist, created unique artwork for each poem.

A few nights ago I got my first glimpse at the artwork that will surround my poem and the proof of the first book.

My poem, I Am, surrounded by gorgeous, original artwork


I was awed at how beautiful it is. I was awed by a small idea that has gained huge momentum. And I was awed to be a part of such an amazing project.

Thou Art


The books are available for pre-order here. You get two books for $35. Why two books you ask? The idea is you’ll keep one for yourself and share the second – give it to someone who needs poetry in their life, who’s never seen Afghan art, or who can’t afford to buy a copy for themselves.

In addition to pre-order, there’s an Indiegogo fundraiser for the project. Take a look, watch the video, and give if you can.

There will be readings held through the month of April, National Poetry Month, so please join usĀ in supporting poetry, identities, acceptance, and art.