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(noun): One who takes delight and is skilled at constructing, writing or saying naughty phrases or dialogue.

Mark your calendars and join me for poetry!

I’m having a west coast launch party/poetry reading for my chapbook, All in the Family, published by Bottlecap Press!

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Saturday, 8 October at 3pm

Oakland Octopus

The Octopus Literary Salon

2101 Webster Street

Oakland, CA



Come out next Tuesday night to hear me read as part of the Inner Loop Reading Series.

inner loop


Here’s the details:

Tuesday, 16 August at 7:30pm

Shaw’s Tavern

520 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC

Here’s the Facebook invite – RSVP and share with your friends. And let me know if there are any specific poems you want me to read, I’m always open to requests!

August 8, 2016

Back on the East Coast

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After being in Oakland for 2.5 weeks I’m back home in Virginia, nearly unpacked in our new home.

August has been a busy  month already. My poem, Dirty Blood, was published by HEArt Literary Journal. Please note this poem may be triggering for some, read with caution. I also received a copy of Common Ground Review which features my poem, Category Five. 

Category Five by Courtney LeBlanc

Category Five by Courtney LeBlanc


It also featured the poem, Listen up, girl, by Meghan DePeau. This poem won the journal’s poetry contest. Well deserved in my opinion.

Listen up, girl. by Meghan DePeau

Listen up, girl. by Meghan DePeau


If you’d like your own copy of Common Ground Review (Spring/Summer 8.1) please send me $10 and your mailing address.

My poems, Filter and Siamese Sister, were published by Door is a Jar literary journal. You can read them here.

I applied to a prestigious writing retreat, I had seven poems accepted for publication (those are forthcoming), and I’m putting the final touches on my chapbook manuscript, All in the Family. All in all, it’s been a very busy August.

July 18, 2016

Back in Oakland!

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I’ve been extremely busy. I mean fantastically, horribly, terribly busy. I sold my condo. I moved to a new place. I kicked off a huge work project on the west coast (I’m still in California in fact, and will be for some time), and of course, I’ve been writing poems. And I’ve even gotten a few new ones published!

Check out my poem Nothing More to Say, published by Public Pool.

Also read my poem The Weight of Water, published by Firefly Magazine.

Finally, here’s a picture of me – notice the tshirt I’m wearing – it pretty much embodies everything I am: a feminist, a reader, an intelligent gorgeous woman. It’s my new favorite tshirt.

my new favorite tshirt

my new favorite tshirt



June 30, 2016


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First: head on over to Quail Bell Magazine and read my poems – they’ve published four of them and I’m really excited about it!


About two months ago I was promoted at work. It didn’t result in a massive pay raise (of course not), but it did result in adding the word Senior to my title and getting a better cubicle. I now have the coveted cubicle that backs up to floor-to-ceiling windows. I can turn around and gaze out at the pond that’s outside my building. While I usually only see geese and ducks in the pond, occasionally I’ll see one of the bald eagles that nests nearby and let’s be honest – bald eagles are fucking awesome and majestic and whenever one visits the pond everyone rushes to the window to watch them. So yeah, my office space is pretty great.

But while the addition of Senior to my the front of my title and the new office space are great there is one downfall – my desk now sits below the vents that blow cold air nonstop. I’ve taken to drinking cup after cup of hot water in order to maintain a reasonable body temp. In addition to drinking endless cups of hot water, I have a pair of fingerless gloves I wear in the office. They’re hand knit using super soft alpaca yarn; I bought them when I went to Peru a few years ago and am finally getting good use out of them.


Wearing fingerless gloves in the office!

Wearing fingerless gloves in the office!


And of course I wrote a poem about it – because this is what I do, use everything as an opportunity to write!


I sit with hands wrapped

around the steaming mug.

My new office is freezing,

my desk just below the vents

that blow cold air regardless

of the outside temperature.

I sit and sip hot water –

not tea or coffee, just water.

Just the mug to warm my hands

the liquid to warm my throat.

Only men have inhabited this space

and I knew it would be cold

but the requirement of layers

and a lined bra seemed a worthy trade-off

for authority and power.

I celebrate by ordering new business cards

with my new title printed on them.

Tomorrow I’ll wear an unlined bra into the office

and I’ll let my erect nipples

walk into the room before me –

guns blazing.