Word Perv
(noun): One who takes delight and is skilled at constructing, writing or saying naughty phrases or dialogue.
January 22, 2015


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I’ve been writing a lot lately, at least one poem a day, but often 2-3 poems. This is awesome. Not all of them are great and most of them need some serious editing but the idea is just to keep writing. To keep my writing muscle flexed and working so that some of those rough drafts evolve into something more. Of course I’m not sitting around, waiting for that lightning bolt of inspiration to hit me, instead I’m creating my own inspiration – words and phrases that I can’t get out of my head get written down and then I build on them. Here’s one I wrote simply about grabbing inspiration when it hits.


It’s the reason I carry a notebook in my bag,

keep one beside my bed,

find one resting on the back of the toilet tank – 

you never know when 

inspiration will hit,

when it’ll reach up and knock the wind out of you,

when it’ll sucker punch you.

You can only be ready when it

knocks you down with its words.

You can put pen to paper and scribble

as fast as your fingers let you,

as fast as the words fall from

your imagination,

your mouth,

your gut,

ink oozing words as soon as the tip touches the page,

frantic scrawling to keep up,

my mind blazing faster than

my hands can fly. 

January 20, 2015

Going to the Dogs

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Yesterday my dog had her teeth cleaned. This sounds like a simple thing but it really isn’t. My dog recently turned 11 and so being put under anesthesia isn’t a small thing in an older dog – they need IV fluids the whole time, they need to be monitored, etc. And of course there’s the chance they’ll need to have a tooth extracted. This is exactly what happened to my beautiful little pooch except she had to have two teeth extracted instead of just one. Ugh.  She’s doing okay. After surgery she rested most of the evening but would sometimes start whining, get up, walk around drunkenly, and then lay back down. I know she was just trying to tell me she was uncomfortable and something was wrong but I couldn’t do much for her (she’d already had her pain meds). Of course, that little beagle owns my heart and so it was a long night of me worrying she would be okay. *sigh*

Daisy after dental surgery

Daisy after dental surgery


Recently I read Amy Gersterler’s book of poetry Dearest Creature. It was a good read overall but one poem really made me laugh – it’s called Interview with a Dog and if you’re a dog owner you should definitely read it – you’ll appreciate it!

One of the things Megan Falley talks about in our workshop is to get inspired – this doesn’t mean every poem has to be about something BIG or EPIC. Sometimes every day things can be just as inspiring.

And so I did just that. I was painting my nails and I noticed the name of the color was Mad Women. Nail polishes often have funny or unusual name and I decided to capitalize on this polish’s name, I even tried to get artistic and so I took a photo (clearly my skills lay in writing poetry, not taking photos…)

Mad Women

Mad Women – the poem & the nails


Mad Women

I have painted my nails

a shade of pink inexplicably called

“mad women”.

I love the arbitrary names of colors

but the bright fuchsia on my fingers 

is mis-named – 

when I am mad I see red – 

blood red,

blood boiling red.

Or maybe black – 

black as night,

black as my soul.

But pink? Pink doesn’t

invoke anger or womanly strength.

A man must have named

this particular shade.

I’d like to flip my pink-painted

middle finger at him…

Perhaps it is an appropriate name.

January 12, 2015

Birthday Poem

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Last week I celebrated my 36th birthday. The gift I bought myself, a six week one-on-one poetry workshop with Megan Falley kicks off tonight – I couldn’t be more excited. I wrote a lot last week, eight poems – I tweeted late Saturday evening that I wrote seven poems in seven days but I then wrote another poem just before bed. I’ve been writing quite a bit lately and I know the workshop will inspire me to write more. One of the poems I wrote last week was written the last day of my 35th year.

On the Eve of My 36th Birthday

I stare at myself in the mirror,

noticing the wrinkles that appear

       when I smile,

the gray hair streaking through,

the extra pounds.

I stare at the accomplishments -

                 the big paycheck by 30,

                 the house, the car,

                 the name – 

                                borrowed and then returned.

I think of the degrees,

                   the titles,

                   the business cards 

                   I hand out like candy.

I think of the

good wine I can afford to drink and the

good friends I’m fortunate to share it with.

I think of the hopes and dreams

some accomplished,

some not.

I think of the pain and suffering,

                         striving and driving and

                         surviving and thriving.

I think of the strength of my words,

                                             of my legs, 

                                             of my life.

I am 36, I am satisfied but I am





January 8, 2015

Birthday Girl

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Today is my birthday, I’m 36 years old!

Cheers! It's my birthday!

Cheers! It’s my birthday!

I love birthdays, in fact, I am not a Christmas person at all but so I could care less about decorating, presents, a Christmas tree, etc. but I love celebrating birthdays. This year’s birthday includes an Elvis-themed night (Elvis and I share a birthday), brunch with friends, and an afternoon at a museum checking out a great exhibit.

Every year I buy myself a birthday gift; in past years it’s been the new boots or sweater I’ve been eyeing. This year I’m giving myself something a little different, something that helps me achieve the resolution I set for 2015 – to keep poetry alive in my life. This year my gift to myself was enrolling in a six-week, one-on-one poetry workshop with the amazing Megan Falley. Megan Falley is an amazing writer, probably my favorite poet and I am so excited to be taking a workshop from her. I have a feeling the poems that come out of the workshop will be some of my best yet!