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October 25, 2016

Back to School!

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When I first went to college I didn’t know what I wanted to study. After switching majors and schools a few times I finally chose business as it seemed safe and generic enough that I could do pretty much anything with it. I knew I was interested in international business but I didn’t really know much beyond that and to be honest I was probably attracted to international business because it sounded exotic and I wanted to travel. After finishing my undergrad degree I began looking into grad school, so I could get my MBA. Two years later, at the age of 28, I had a master’s in business administration. I very quickly got into the field I now work in, International Acquisitions for the US government, and my life moved forward.

I’d been writing poetry nearly my whole life but a couple of years after finishing grad school I returned my focus to poetry and began writing and reading a lot of poetry. Then I started submitting poems to journals and I started getting published. I self-published my first book of poetry (something I don’t necessarily recommend). My sister and I collaborated together and had a joint poetry / art show where I wrote a chapbook of poems and she painted pictures in response to them. And then Bottlecap Press published my chapbook of poems, All in the Family, (which are available for purchase, I’ll even sign it for you!).

Throughout all of this I’ve been taking workshops and classes, participating in and attending readings, meeting other poets, and expanding my network of poets and poetry. And all of this has been wonderful but I still wanted more. And so after much thought and consideration and research I decided to apply to grad school to get my Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry. I chose to apply to Queens University of Charlotte and was very excited when I received a call from the program director informing me I’d been accepted. A few days later I received the official acceptance letter.




I returned the form with my deposit and it became official. I start grad school in January!

After I’d accepted a place in the program I was sent the synopsis of the January residency course and the spring semester classes. I read them over and immediately began ordering the books. I’m still missing a few but here’s the required reading so far. Yeah, it’s going to be a busy semester.

Just a little light reading...

Just a little light reading…


While I’m a little terrified to start a grad program in January because my job is incredibly challenging and time consuming and sometimes stressful, I’m also really excited. I’m confident this program will help develop my writing, expose me to poetry I may not have otherwise discovered, and introduce me to a wider network of poets and friends. So I’ve started working my way down the required reading list and I’m looking forward to starting the program. Back to school in January!


October 18, 2016

A Monk in the Woods

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Last weekend was the west coast book launch / poetry reading of my chapbook, All in the Family. My friend Caitlyn, who I met a few summers ago at the Chesapeake Writer’s Conference, attended and did the honor of introducing me. Here’s what she said:

What drew me to Courtney’s poetry when we first met at a writer’s conference on the banks of the river where I went to college was the same thing that drew me to her. She is sharp, incisive, and open. It makes sense that this small framed but unapologetically fierce woman deals with international arsenals and answers to [4-star Admirals] who usually end up coming to her for help. Like in life, Courtney can be austere and severe, but still remain profoundly accessible on the page. She deals in heavy things – family dysfunction, illness, anger and fear, but she does so concretely. It is through these anecdotal windows into her truths that we see our own. What a gift it is to be confronted with honesty – in digestible stanzas, what an invitation to a fuller, deeper kind of living.


Wow. With an intro like that I had to bring my A-game to the reading.

The next day Caitlyn and I headed to Muir Woods for a day of hiking. While on one of the trails we happened upon a monk, hiking with his friend.

A monk and a man on the trail

A monk and a man on the trail


It’s not every day you see a monk hiking in the woods. In fact, for all the hiking I do, I’ve never seen a monk hiking. It was a bit surreal and magical. Later we happened upon him lying on a fallen redwood, the only sounds the woods around us.

A monk on a fallen redwood

A monk on a fallen redwood


I haven’t written a poem about it yet but I’m certain there’s one brewing in my brain.

Last Saturday I had the west coast book launch / poetry reading for my chapbook, All in the Family.

The week's events at the Octopus Literary Salon, including my book launch!

The week’s events at the Octopus Literary Salon, including my book launch!


It was an intimate gathering of friends and poetry lovers and I was excited to share my poems with them.

I was a bit excited...

I was a bit excited…


If you weren’t able to attend the west coast book launch, never fear – there will be an east coast book launch in DC as well! Friday, 18 November at 7pm at Walls of Books (3325 Georgia Ave NW, Washington DC 20010).



And if you can’t attend the poetry reading in DC you can still order your copy of All in the Family. $10 if you’re local, $12 if I have to mail it to you (please include your mailing address with your payment).

Thanks to everyone who came out to the west coast book launch in Oakland, I hope to see an even bigger crowd at the east coast book launch in DC next month!

Mark your calendars and join me for poetry!

I’m having a west coast launch party/poetry reading for my chapbook, All in the Family, published by Bottlecap Press!

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Saturday, 8 October at 3pm

Oakland Octopus

The Octopus Literary Salon

2101 Webster Street

Oakland, CA



Come out next Tuesday night to hear me read as part of the Inner Loop Reading Series.

inner loop


Here’s the details:

Tuesday, 16 August at 7:30pm

Shaw’s Tavern

520 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC

Here’s the Facebook invite – RSVP and share with your friends. And let me know if there are any specific poems you want me to read, I’m always open to requests!